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Snail Mail!

Snail Mail!

This charming Christmas ornament kit arrived today, with another kit called ‘Winter Cabin’. These kits are available from Alicia Paulson‘s webshop called Posie: Rosy Little Things. The only one I don’t have is Ice Skating Afternoon. I’m a little worried, she warns she may not make them next year.


The Quick Change Trousers that I call Darling Baby Pants

The Quick Change Trousers that I call Darling Baby Pants

I made these reversible pants recently for a friend. She spied the pattern in Anna Maria Horner’s book ‘Handmade Beginnings‘. She asked to borrow the book, which she accidently left behind in the ruckus to get herself, her new babe and 2 young boys out the door. She was going home to the noise and calamity of roof replacement.
I decided I needed to attempt to make the pants for her. I’ve sewn a denim quilt and pajama pants a long time ago. I opted art over sewing class in highschool, so, I’m amazed that I made these!

I know, the fabric is a strange choice for a babe, but it’s all I had.  I was planning to make an apron with it, which is why I embroidery some of  Jenny Hart‘s patterns from ‘Sublime Stitching

I love this blogging stuff, but I’m so frustrated with this blogging stuff

I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t have a day (to be honest I’d probably need a week) to figure it out right now.  I would love nothing more than to climb out of bed and journal on my blog in the wee hours of the morn.  Post a pic, maybe two.  

I should go back to the very beginning and reread the blog creation steps (which I have).  I should take a workshop, a blogging workshop.  I wonder if there is such a thing. 

Nicole Vos van Avezathe

Do you know Nicole’s patterns?  They’re delightful. 

Errr. I did buy these patterns when purchasing the others in the post below.  I’m weak, I could not leave them behind. I’m posting these seperately because I feel Ms. Avezathe needed her own entry so I can display her works properly.

Princess and the Pea

Princess and the Pea

Bear and Fish

Bear and Fish

Forty Winks Fox

Forty Winks Fox



Sailing with Polar Bear

Sailing Polar Bear

these patterns can be found at

Magpie Patterns

I long for this pattern:

Bee Keeper's Quilt

but of  course, I can’t have it right now, their out of stock. It’s called Beekeepers Quilt and it’s by tiny owl knits and offered to buy through Magpie  I can totally make those hexagons through winter!  Work-shmurk! I can’t wait!

Instead,  I filled out a restock notification request, and to appease my disappointment I moved onto another item(…s) for my pattern collection.  For, you know, sometime.

Beignet by Collette Patterns


and With One Enormous Chair by This Tiny Existence

With One Enormous Chair

sigh- I’m now whole.

Autumn has arrived

Autumn has arrived.  Suddenly, my fingers want to knit something.  I’m tracing out a baby pant pattern tonight, which is a break from my journey into the elements and principles of art, and sketchbooks and other things like that. I keep a art journal called apaintedturtle through WordPress. 

When I went to check my dashboard, I noticed WordPress’ ,Create a new blog option.  Well, why not?  I’ll keep all my homespun geekery on a seperate blog.  Yes, I like it.  Sadly, the blog name Winterhearts is taken.  Since my other artful blog is named apaintedturtlethen this one had to be A Snug Snail.